About the Doctor:

Director, Recanati Institute For Medical Genetics – Rabin and Schneider Medical Centers.
Professor for Pediatrics and Medical Genetics at Sackler School of Medicine – Tel Aviv Univ.
USA and Israel Board certified at Pediatrics and Medical Genetics.


In addition to his experience with genetic counseling to many patients, Prof. Shohat has published more than 280 original researches in Pediatrics and Medical Genetics.

Prof. Shohat has also been involved in the identification of many genes causing mental retardation and other genetic syndromes, developed prenatal prevention programs by screening as well as by prenatal diagnosis tests through amniocentesis or even pre-implantation genetic diagnosis in IVF.

Other Activities

Pediatrics Textbook– Editor of the most popular Pediatric textbook according to which students and physicians study in Israel – updated every 4 years – at 2010: 9th edition.


Everything is Genetics– Editor of the book "Everything is genetics" a guide for genetic counseling and prenatal diagnosis for lay man.


– Develops novel web based programs for comprehensive prenatal individualized information:

1.      Genopedia – a genetics encyclopedia that covers most of the subjects which are relevant to genetic questions, especially relevant to findings during the pregnancy. It allows via links to obtain more and more additional information that is relevant to each case. This resource saves time during the genetic counseling session.

2.      Genometer – Prior to or at the beginning of pregnancy and based on the ethnic origin of the couple, this provides a list of diseases that meet the criteria for screening based on the ASHG criteria and on the calculated combined ethnic risks. The program can be easily adjusted (by the geneticist – no need for software changes) for any country/populations. This program has been implemented in the 3 major HMO's in Israel (95% of the Israeli population through more than 150 Obstetrical clinics) and is today "the standard of care" for OB/GYN physicians before referring couples for genetic screening.

3.     Amniometer – Do I have to undergo amniocentesis? This is another common question where physicians spend time and can make mistakes. This is a program to assist the OB/GYN physician in handling "normal cases" (situations where all the tests such as nuchal translucency, first and second trimester biochemical markers etc., are within normal limits, and there are no other issues that require genetic counseling). The program combines all the different risks and depicts the final risk on a scale that can be easily understood by the couple. If there are any abnormalities the program allows the couple to enter more information in advance of genetic counseling. It also gives administrative information – whether and by whom the procedures are covered. Like the Genometer, here also the geneticist in charge can control the program easily (no need to change the software). This program is now purchased by the major HMO’s in Israel as a tool to assist the OB/GYNs.

4.     Fetometer – In addition to what the Amniometer does, this program also can estimate the risk for neuro-developmental problems as well as for other genetic syndrome based on the growth of the fetus and any ultrasound findings.

Based on analysis by geneticists as well as on a general random telephone survey, it was concluded that this individualized genetic information provides a real professional need to the public.


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Tel Aviv, Israel
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